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How to change it

Greetings everybody!Gryffinpuff here!Before I start talking about today's topic I wanted to apologise for some mistakes in my previous post...I'm sorry,I didn't notice them!

So this time I'm going to talk about how we can change the fact that lots of people feel very insecure about their body shape and my thoughts on that!First of all,I want to talk about the fact that (most of the time) lots of confident celebrities with a nice body shape try do make you feel better by saying in interviews for instance, that every body is beautiful or that you shouldn't worry about your body shape e.t.c. ...For me it feels like when this happens these people are kind of fooling you.Lying to you!They just can't feel the same way.I actually don't blame directly these people but generally the whole industry...so in my opinion the next person who advises you about feeling confident with your body should be someone who can understand exactly how you feel!Something else I'd like to tell you about is the frustration I get that still in 2015 we don't see enough normal/plus-sized models on catwalks or photoshoots e.t.c.This is one of the biggest reasons lots of girls are influenced and become anorexic and the one thing I know is that we have to change that!We can...Development isn't just about technology stuff,remember that!Ok,not a lot for today,I know but these were all my main thoughts for the topic.I hope we see changes in the future!


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adjective: insecure
  1. 1
    uncertain or anxious about oneself; not confident.
    "a rather gauche, insecure young man"
    synonyms:unconfident, lacking confidence, lacking self-confidence, not self-assured, diffidentself-effacingself-consciousunforthcominguncertainunsuredoubtfulself-doubtinghesitantunassertiveretiring, shrinking, shytimidtimorousmeekpassiveinhibitedintrovertedMore
  2. Everybody is insecure about something. Some people show it. Others don't. Usually the people that are sad or even depressed about it are the ones who struggle with weight issues. You can be insecure for a lot of things or just one. There are also people that try to hide their insecurities and don't acknowledge them. It's okay to be insecure though. You just have to not let it affect your life that much.
    I'm insecure about my height, because I'm super short. Insecure about my weight because I feel like I would look a lot better if I weighed a few less pounds. I'm incecure about a lot of things. To be honest I hide some of them. But deep down I know they exist. I can't do anything to change them and even if I do my will has never been that strong. Sometimes I try to cover them up but it doesn't always work. So if you're insecure about something don't let it change who you are because it's not always possible to actually do it. So unless you are a serial killer stay exactly the way you are and let your actions define you and not what other people say about you.
    The Otp Sailor ( ^ω^ )

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Hi guys! This is my first article! Here in my spot which is called 'music is life' I'm going to talk about music (apparently) for example what music means. You can also see some of my favourite songs and more other things! Now about me, I have been playing the piano since I was eight years old. When I was seven I played the Flute for one year. I think that when you play an instrument it's a way to express yourself and escape from the daily routine!!! I like listening pop music and my favourite singers and bands are Noel Gallagher(NG's High Flying Birds), Beyoncé , Black Eyed Peas and New Order. My favourite TV show is La ink! I like the movies 'Love Rosie' and 'Noah'. When I'm free I usually hang out with my friends or I play the piano! I'm not good at sports but I like playing volleyball! About school, I'm good at Science,Biology and some other subjects!!! I don't like Maths and History...they are boring and difficult for me! I'm serious about my school marks because my goal in life is to study! I want to tell you some things about my personality:gentle&shy! I'm not sociable! I don't like to criticise me...! I sometimes make decisions easily! I trust my friend and I'm easy going! Maybe I'm not perfect but I am me! That's all for now! I'm so excited with my theme 'music is life' and I look forward to start. Hope you enjoyyy!!!!!

 xxx Girl meets music

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Greetings everybody! My first post is all about introducing myself! So I'm not going to get into personal stuff like age, weight, height, hair colour e.t.c. because I bet most of you don't really care about all a these... Instead I'm gonna tell you about my interests, hobbys and stuff... the first thing I wanna mention is that I have  a huge Harry Potter obsession. I've grown up watching the films but I think it's pretty embarrassing to say that I recently started reading the books. Next, I wanna talk about my #1 idol, Emma Watson! I admire her for everything she does.She is an amazing actress and generally such and amazing person to look up to! Another person I look up to is Rowan Blanchard and if you are aware of who she is then you'll definitely know why... I'm also a huge fashion lover and love reading fashion mags. I enjoy so much expressing my creativity by making lots of kinds of outfits and having my own,different style. I adore photography,dancing,reading books(even though am a little strange on finding a book that I totally enjoy reading and like it 100%),acting(which I don't really show) singing along and traveling!I listen to a lot of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sabrina Carpenter, James Bay, Beyoncé e.t.c. As for school I can neither say that I hate it,nor that I adore it!

As it comes to my personality and stuff like that, as I'm getting older I'm trying to acquire more self-discipline, be a little maturer, kinder to people. Well, that doesn't mean that I'm always the nicest person ever or that I'm serious all the time and don't have fun with my friends but at the end of the day it's all about controlling yourself not overdoing it... My main turn-ons would be a nice sense of humor, smartness and maturity but without exaggerations. It really pisses me off when some people are like;"I have no friends"or "My only friends are my phone and food"... I understand that not everyone has the greatest life or is the very rich and the most famous kid in the school because neither do I but it is kind of irritating when someone is so negative and brags about something she/he should not...

Last but certainly not least,I want to tell you what my projects will be about. I will try to talk about a variety of issues that put me in conference. I hope you enjoy every blogpost here!

xxx,Gryffinpuff (Gryffindor & Hufflepuff, Harry Potter obsession...I told you)

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Teenage struggles: I bore you to death

Hey guys! 
As this is my first article I thought I would tell you a few things about myself. Normally someone would say how old they are, where they live etc. but that's not what a person really is so I'm just going to ramble on and on about my kind of weird personality. 
The main thing is that I'm very black and white. I listen to "bubblegum" pop music, but love black clothes. I am in general a very loud person when it comes to expressing my opinion and my interests and tend to get very defensive over them, but I am also very shy and can't even order at Starbucks. I love girly clothes but I hate grooming and I guess I just prefer staying at home all day on my phone so yeah. I'm definetely not mature but deep down I understand things that many people my age don't. Even though I'm a Leo, I'm not popular at all and push people away usually. I guess I just love alone time. Growing up an only child and my parents being constantly at work , I had a nanny at home, so I didn't get to spend some quality time with my parents and that bothered me. But growing up I started to actually enjoy it! I'm alone at home most of the day and even when my parents are home I stay at my room. I'm a cat person and I love pizza. The last sentence is pretty much everything you need to know about me.
Another thing is that I'm very insecure about pretty much everything and get very nervous but since that's what my next posts are going to be about I'm going to talk bout that subject later on .I get angry easily. I don't cry about anything,I guess I'm "tough" that way. The most important thing about me is that when I'm not good at something I just complain about it. It's not something I'm proud but it's who I am so I had to share it with you.
My life motto is that everyone is equal, gay straight, transgender, cisgender, black, white, Christian, Muslim, ugly, pretty and the only ones that should have a rough life are murderers, thieves,rapists and so on.
 And now to close this "article/ post" I'm going to talk about my interests. I watch girl meets world, I didn't do it, liv and maddie, once upon a time, bobs burgers, family guy, the next step, criminal minds, glee, modern family, deadly women, Americas next top model and Geordie shore. I also love books and my favorites are game of thrones, anything by John green, the selection by Keira cass, dork diaries and some fanfictions (I hate after though). As for music I listen to one direction, Taylor swift, Ed Sheehan and Sabrina carpenter. I like to travel and dance even though I'm not very good at it.
And that's all about me from now on I'm going to post about my struggles being a teenage girl. So that's pretty much all...

The Otp Sailor 

P.s. I ship pretty much every cannon ship on every show that I watch hence my name ( the Otp sailor).

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DIY's Corner;Introduction


Hey there !!!
Welcome to DIY's Corner !!! Here you are going to find ideas and tips for handcrafted structures that will renew the home and your wardrobe . All structures will be created with simple ingredients we can find ,or they've been in our house . Not only the materials but also the manufacturing process will also be too easy . My goal is have fun but also the same time creating modern and elegant constructions in very little time and with minimum and simple materials . At the end i am sure that your job will get rewarded leaving everybody amazed  with the result . In closing i wish that you will find each of my post to the page very useful .

xxx~Star Dancer

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Hey there!
Welcome to our blog "Our Slumber Party". We are four teenage girls with a passion for writing. Through this blog we are going to share with you our opinions thoughts and tips. We are going to blog about music and the latest hits, diy's, everyday situations and issues all around the world. Hope you enjoy!!!

xxx~The Otp Sailor, Gryffinpuff, Star Dancer & Girl Meets Music